On Crunch day, please announce the event in the cafeteria! A teacher or school administrator could announce the event, or if you have many lunch periods, you could give information to a school lunch worker to read to the students. Make sure that all students and staff know that this is the Great Apple Crunch.


“Students, don’t eat your apples yet! Today is the Illinois Great Apple Crunch and we are going to CRUNCH into our apples together alongside students from across the Midwest. The apples on our plates are from a local farm (add more details about where the apples are from!). Apples take many months to grow and it’s important to eat them in the fall when they are fresh. Midwestern apples are crispy, crunchy and sweet. Eating local apples is great for the state of Illinois!

Now, on the count of five, let’s CRUNCH together! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, CRUNCH!”

Steps for a Successful Cafeteria-Based Crunch:

  1. Announce the Crunch
    1. During lunch, or whenever the apples are served, be sure to announce the Crunch to the students. Feel free to speak about the Crunch on your own or read from our pre-made ‘script,’ found above.
  2. Hang your poster in a prominent location in the cafeteria.
  3. Display the name of the apple farm in the lunch line. You can find this on the box of apples or contact your produce distribution company to get this information.
  4. During the lunch periods, have all of your students CRUNCH into their apples at the same time! It’s fun and loud!
  5. Take a photo of your students CRUNCHING and submit it to us on the website!