The Illinois Great Apple Crunch is a great time to celebrate local foods and agriculture through classroom activities. Here are a number of ideas for ways to bring the Apple Crunch to life

  1. Lesson Plans
    1. Johnny Appleseed lesson plans
    2. Michigan apples educational kit
    3. Apple orchard pre-school lesson plans
    4. Green Mountain Farm Field Trip Guide
  2. Read through the Illinois Apple Ag Mag during the school day. Order your copy through Illinois Ag in the Classroom.
  3. Have your students dress up for the Apple Crunch – wearing a t-shirt in the color of their favorite type of apple! Your school will look like a stop light with students dressed in red, yellow and green.
  4. Read a book about apples during your classroom story time. Check out your local county Ag in the Classroom office to borrow a book or two.
  5. For younger students, do a fun craft project about apples.
  6. Go on a field trip to an orchard.
  7. Cook with apples in the classroom! Have a creative apple snack.
  8. Use the Great Apple Crunch day to do garden work with your students. If you don’t have a school garden, see if there is a community garden in your area where your students could volunteer.

Ag Mag: Here’s a link to download the Illinois Ag Mag!